As predicted last week, the UK has now joined the rest of Europe in selling diesel fuel at cheaper prices than unleaded. According to a report in The Telegraph, diesel now averages 116.28 pence per litre – around half a penny less than the average cost of unleaded.

Experts expect to see further falls, and are suggesting averages of around 111 pence per litre for diesel in the coming weeks.

This all adds up to quite a raft of savings in quick succession for diesel drivers. Diesel price averages have already come down by five pence per litre in a month – with more cuts around the corner. The Telegraph highlights an example of a diesel powered Ford Focus. This vehicle now costs £3 less to fill up than it did a month ago, and this saving will increase to £5 if the additional price cuts come to pass.

The story for drivers of petrol vehicles isn’t quite so rosy. The average cost of unleaded did actually fall last month – but only by 0.5 pence – so individual drivers probably didn’t notice.

However, the news is good on that score too. As we reported yesterday, short term oil price predictions are for further price cuts, and various media outlets are once again starting to discuss the potential prospect of fuel for less than a Pound per litre. Right now, things are starting to look positive for all British drivers.

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IMAGE CREDIT: Wikimedia Commons

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