The UK’s police federation are calling for a toughening up of Britain’s drink-driving laws, according to a number of reports this week, including this one from the BBC.

The main change the federation wants to see is a reduction in the legal blood alcohol limit. This currently stands at 80 milligrams of alcohol per 100 millilitres of blood, but the federation suggest changing this to 50 milligrams. This is actually far more in line with most countries in Europe, including Scotland, where the change was made last year. The remaining UK nations currently have the highest limit in Europe.

The police federation have also expressed concern about the drinking and driving behaviour of British women. Although the majority of drink driving convictions are handed to males, the male incidence of drink driving is falling, as is the overall incidence. However, female convictions are “not decreasing at the same rate,” which suggests women are not changing their habits as readily.

With Northern Ireland already discussing this reduction, it seems likely with rest of the UK will follow. Together with the new drug driving tests we discussed last week, Britain is becoming far less friendly to intoxicated drivers.

Despite this, there are far stricter places. In several European countries, including Hungary and Romania, the legal blood alcohol limit is zero.

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