If you’ve been driving for any length of time, you’ve no doubt had your fair share of “car tyre incidents.” We, the team here at PetrolPrices.com certainly have! As such, we’ve put together this list of handy car tyre gadgets that can help get you out of trouble if you experience a puncture, and keep your tyres well looked after at other times.

Keeping car tyres in good condition (specifically inflated correctly) isn’t just about safety, although this is obviously a crucial consideration. Conventional wisdom suggests that fuel economy can vary by as much as 20% based on how your tyres are inflated, so ensuring the correct pressure saves you money as well as keeping you and your family safe.

Furthermore, failure to look after car tyres properly can result in uneven wear – meaning your tyres will need replacing more often. So that’s yet another reason to keep up with the maintenance.

In order to compile this list we’ve identified a range of products to take care of your car tyres, whether or not the worst happens and you end up having to make an unexpected repair.

1. One to get you out of trouble

Slime Tyre Repair Kit


Slime products are something of a household name in car tyre repair (and equally popular with cyclists). This all-in-one kit contains all you need to recover from a puncture at the roadside.

Well worth carrying as a precautionary measure, the kit contains sealant to block up a hole, a valve core remover, and a 12V-powered compressor (to blow the tyre back up after fixing).

Reviews of this product are very positive, with many people online sharing real-life experiences of using Slime to get them to their destination, or somewhere where the tyre could be properly fixed.


  • Helps you fix a tyre without the need to call a recovery service.
  • All you need in one kit.


  • Valve remover plastic and flimsy.
  • Only for one-off use – whole bottle of sealant is required for one repair.


2. One to keep your car tyres healthy

Ring RAC600 12V Digital Tyre Inflator


The AA advise checking and correcting tyre pressures every two weeks. While it’s possible to go to a garage forecourt every time, it’s not hugely convenient. Furthermore, many people (quite rightly) object to “paying for air,” especially now some garages have (controversially) started charging more for it.

The solution is to do it at home using a tyre inflator or compressor. This is an Amazon best seller with very positive reviews, and is powered (as usual) using the 12V cigarette lighter socket.

It only takes three and a half minutes to inflate a tyre from flat, and the unit includes some well-thought out features such as night time illumination.

It’s also a handy car tyre gadget to have around for other purposes – such as blowing up inflatable toys and paddling pools in the summer!


  • Very positive reviews – including accolades from car magazines.
  • Easy to read digital display.
  • Saves the hassle of visiting a garage forecourt.


  • Requires car battery power.


3. One for the traditionalists

Pedalmax Foot Air Pump

If you prefer to rely on electrical power to blow your car tyres up, you can go for the traditional manual foot pump option.

This heavy-duty German-made pump is perfect for car tyres and well worth keeping in the boot or garage as a backup, even if  you do decide on an electrical compressor as your “first resort.”

The pump requires less effort to use than one might expect, and is sturdy enough to pump up motorhome tyres according to customer reviews.


  • No reliance on electrical power.
  • Very durable.


  • Would benefit from more detailed instructions.


4. One for day-to-day checks

RACE X Tyre Pressure Gauge

If you wish to quickly check your tyre pressures without connecting a compressor or garage air pump, your best bet is a tyre pressure gauge like this one from RACE X.

Despite there being numerous digital gauges on the market, we’ve highlighted this mechanical model because reviews of the former always seem inconsistent, with some people happy with reliable and consistent results, and others less so. The vast majority of people highlight the durability of this car tyre gadget and praise its accuracy.

While this particular gadget may not appeal to those who prefer electronic options, it still performed top in a recent Auto Express test.


  • Durable and solid.
  • Highly accurate.
  • Perfect for effortless day-to-day checks.


  • Nothing of note.


5. One that does everything!

The Roypow I51

On the face of it, this is just another compressor / tyre inflator, but it comes with all manner of “bells and whistles.”

First off, with the use of an adapter, you can power it using a jump starter – so it can get you out of trouble even without cigarette lighter power available. It also includes an accurate pressure monitor, a selection of flashlight modes, and a very long cable. It can also charge a tyre, from flat, in just three minutes.

Yes, this is more expensive than most of the many tyre inflators on the market, but if only the best will do, this is the option we recommend taking a look at.


  • Packed with features.
  • Jump starter power option.
  • Also works for balls, cycles and inflatables.


  • Pricey.


A Word of Warning!

Everyone who drives a car should learn how to properly maintain their tyres, and how to change or repair them at the roadside. However, some studies have suggested that up to 50% of drivers wouldn’t know where to start!

While learning what to do is a recommended priority, we would caution against trying to work on your tyres if you don’t fully understand what you’re doing. Mistakes can prove costly, if not dangerous, so if you’re ever in any doubt, be sure to ask someone who knows what they’re doing.

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