The price of diesel in the UK continues to fall, to the point that it’s now cheaper than unleaded in several garages. This change is being reported by multiple media outlets including The Mirror.

Furthermore, the phrase “price war” is coming up with increasing frequency. The Morrisions chain has this morning dropped the price of diesel, after similar recent moves from Tesco, Sainsbury’s and Asda.

According to The Mirror’s report, diesel seems likely to become universally cheaper than petrol for the first time in nearly fifteen years.

However, for our neighbours elsewhere in Europe this is nothing unusual, as diesel is cheaper almost everywhere else, and has been for some time.

Although the average prices at the time of writing still show unleaded at a couple of pence less per litre, we wouldn’t be surprised to see this switch around in the coming days.

As we reported last week, we are starting to see all the hallmarks of a new price war, and it seems likely we might see some price reductions across the board. Some other European countries, including Portugal, are reporting fuel price reductions this morning. Let’s hope they spread to us too.

In the meantime you can locate the cheapest fuel near you using our free tool.


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