Recent figures, collated by the RAC and revealed by The Telegraph, have shown that only around half as many people were prosecuted for using mobile phones at the wheel last year than were back in 2009.

If this seems nonsensical to you (as it did to us), you won’t be surprised that a separate study suggests that nowadays far more people illegally use their phones whilst in command of a vehicle. In fact, in a survey, 1.5% of “tens of thousands” of drivers admitted to doing so.

So how can it be that more people are engaging in this illegal practice while prosecution figures are going down so drastically? Well, it seems that a lack of police resources is to blame.

Stories of local police forces no longer actively pursuing certain offenses are very common nowadays. Some regions are no longer investigating burglaries and others have admitted turning a blind eye to cannabis growers – all because of government cuts and reduced resources.

In the case of traffic offenses, the number of police on the lookout has gone down by nearly 25% since 2010, amounting to 1279 fewer officers on the roads. Small wonder then that many people are getting away with using their phones at the wheel.

If you are one of the people who breaks the law in this way, please remember that using your phone whilst driving, aside from being dangerous, is considered by the public to be the “most hated driving habit.” If you are caught, you do still face a fine of around £100 and points on your license.

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