We all have certain friends and family members who are really difficult to choose presents for. Thankfully, if you have an enthusiastic driver to buy for, there are plenty of options available to you.

We’ve had a good search of the web to help you with some ideas. In this list we’ve provided a mixture of products that have proved popular in past features and some all-new items.

Whether you’re looking for something for a new driver (perhaps a child or grandchild) or a motoring obsessive, you should find something to fit the bill below – whether you’re looking for a “main present” or a stocking filler.

1. Something practical

Car Care Made Easy

A recent PetrolPrices.com survey revealed that around 20% of respondents wouldn’t know what to do if they got a puncture whilst out on the roads. This is actually a far lower proportion than has been revealed in other similar surveys – some of which name a figure closer to 50%

This suggests a worrying number of people don’t know the absolute basics of taking care of their vehicles. Therefore, this spiral-bound book is perfect for people who need to get to grips with the basics of tyre pressure checks, oil level checks and coolant top-ups!


  • An inexpensive gift.
  • Fits neatly in the glovebox.
  • Can improve a driver’s knowledge and increase the safety and longevity of their vehicle.


  • Perhaps a little too practical for a “fun” gift!


2. A perfect stocking filler

Belkin Phone Holder

There’s a strong reason why this inexpensive stocking filler features on the list; One of the PetrolPrices.com team received one from a family member last year and it’s been in constant use ever since.

Looking back at how complex car kits for mobile phones once were, this seems (and is) super-simple – but the best ideas often are. The back clips onto a convenient vent, and your smartphone (of any type) goes into the spring-loaded front section. Add a 12V car charger and you’re all set.


  • Allows you to mount the phone horizontally (ideal for navigation) or vertically.
  • Grips on to almost anything.


  • For some, having a phone so conveniently mounted can serve as a distraction.


3. Something for novice drivers

RAC Premium New Drivers Pack

Seeing a relative “come of age” to drive a car can produce a mixture of excitement and trepidation. We all want to keep our children and grandchildren safe while they enjoy their new-found freedom.

There are various gift sets available for new drivers; This is the most comprehensive we’ve found, with safety items including a warning triangle, torch and first-aid kit along with the standard-issue Highway Code and L-Plates. A perfect gift for anyone approaching driving age.


  • Perfect for young drivers.
  • A wide variety of good quality items.


  • Cheaper kits are available (but with fewer items).


4. Something for those who love their car!

Auto Glym “The Collection”

If you have a friend or family member who’s obsessed with their vehicle and constantly buffing and polishing it, this is the perfect gift.

Auto Glym products are well-renowned and loved by many, and this collection includes nine of them, along with a bag and a range of cleaning cloths and sponges.

There’s everything here to give a vehicle a show-room quality valet, and the right recipient will enjoy every minute of doing so!


  • Loads of items included.
  • Great reviews.


  • A more expensive gift than some!


5. A useful and practical “main present”

Portable Car Jump Starter

f you’re looking for a well thought out gift that will please a regular motorist and help to keep them safe and moving, this is a really decent choice that proved popular when we included it in a previous round-up of winter car accessories.

Its primary function is to jump start a broken down car without the need for another vehicle, but really this is just one of the features. The device can also charge mobile phones and other USB devices, and includes hazard lights, a torch and a compass.

This is a perfect gift to provide practical peace of mind to both the recipient and the gift-giver!


  • Positive online reports.
  • Plenty of features.
  • Fits in the glovebox.


  • Nothing!


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