The last few months have been a challenging time for motorists. At PetrolPrices, we analyse how prices have changed in the 18 months and look at how prices vary across regions in the UK.

Diesel & Unleaded PPL Price by Week since Jan 2021 (1)

Price Changes in the Last 18 months

Unleaded and Diesel Trend

In the first week of 2021, the average price for Unleaded was 117.19ppl. There was a steady increase through to early December when prices hit an average of 148.37ppl. Prices remained relatively stable until the Russian invasion of Ukraine. The next few weeks of turmoil saw a further increase to 170.38ppl towards the end of March, followed by a lull after the changes in duty. Sadly, since then, prices have continued their upward trend. Average prices are now at 187.93ppl, with a worrying expectation that there may be more increases to come.

Diesel tended to follow the trend of Unleaded’s steady increase up to the beginning of December, generally around 2ppl higher than Unleaded. The Russian invasion of Ukraine had a more significant impact on Diesel prices. The difference in the average price of Diesel was up to 7ppl higher than Unleaded. Diesel prices hit a new height of 191.21ppl in the last week, around 3.5ppl higher than Unleaded.

Regional Trends

The regional tables highlight and compare Unleaded and Diesel prices on 13th June 2021 and 2022. The most significant increase in Unleaded over the past year has been in Northern Ireland, where the increase is over 7ppl higher than in South West England.

Diesel price increases in most regions have been in the high 50s and just over 60ppl in the last year. The outlier once again is the South West, with an increase of 55.40ppl in the past 12 months.

This surge in the price of fuel has translated to spending around £25 more to fill your car. There are regional differences, but the cost of Unleaded and Diesel at the forecourt will cause challenges wherever you live.

Unleaded by Region
Diesel by Region
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