January is one of those months when people pay close attention to the cost of things, with that long spell from the pre-Christmas payday through until the end of January.  Spells of cold weather and snow have also meant the inclination to use the car more and protect the family from the worst of it.  So how have petrol and diesel prices faired during the month?

Price trends

According to data from the government, the average price for both petrol and diesel have increased during the month of January.  At the beginning of the month, the average price around the country for petrol was 120.19 and for diesel 123.51.  By the end of the month, the figures for both had risen, with diesel slightly ahead of petrol regarding percentage increase.  Petrol was at an average price of 121.69 while diesel was at 125.32.

These increases show that the price had continued to rise steadily, since July last year, when it reached a low point.  The cost of filling up the average car in the UK (based on a Ford Focus with a 55-litre tank) is now £67.13 for a petrol car and £68.67 for a diesel car.

Reports show that prices hit a three year high in December 2017, and with the continued increase into this month, it will mean another new high.  The growth suggested that the difference between filling up your car in the middle of the year and filling it up at the end was around £5 – and is a little higher now.

Cheapest diesel and petrol

For drivers of petrol cars around the country, the most affordable prices available were in Scotland and Manchester.

  • Midlothian – 109.8
  • Edinburgh – 112.5
  • Greater Manchester – 113.7
  • Cornwall – 115.2
  • West Yorkshire – 116
  • Warwickshire – 116.3
  • County Durham – 116.4
  • Staffordshire – 116.7
  • Isle of Wight – 116.8
  • Torfaen – 117

The picture was similar for diesel drivers, with two locations around Scotland offering the lowest prices, followed by a station in County Durham.

  • Midlothian – 114.6
  • Edinburgh – 117
  • County Durham – 118.4
  • Greater Manchester – 118.5
  • Warwickshire – 118.8
  • Staffordshire – 119.3
  • Cornwall – 119.7
  • Thurrock – 1.2
  • West Yorkshire – 120.2
  • Conwy – 120.6

Most expensive diesel and petrol

Drivers in other areas of Scotland also had to contend with the highest prices for petrol around the country.

  • Dumfries & Galloway – 135.6
  • Highland – 134
  • Leicestershire – 133.8
  • Eilean Siar – 132.9
  • Argyll & Bute – 132.9
  • Warrington – 131.6
  • North Ayrshire – 131.1
  • Shetland Islands – 130.4
  • Stirling – 129.9
  • Orkney Islands – 129.3

For diesel drivers, Leicestershire topped the charts as the most expensive place to fill up followed by a few locations across Scotland.

  • Leicestershire – 138.8
  • Highland – 138.8
  • Argyll & Bute – 137.9
  • Eilean Siar – 135.9
  • Shetland Islands – 134.4
  • Dumfries & Galloway – 134.2
  • Isle of Wight – 133.9
  • Warrington – 132.7
  • Orkney Islands – 132.3
  • Derbyshire – 131.9

Looking ahead

Most experts think that the trend will continue to be a bad one for drivers.  Oil Producing and Exporting Countries (OPEC) have recently cut the production levels to make oil prices rise.  It means that the cost of petrol and diesel at the pump increases as well.  These changes will continue to have an affect into February, and probably onwards, showing that the times of lower fuel prices seem to be behind us for the time being.

A little good news

There is at least one silver lining amid the doom and gloom.  Tesco has announced that they are offering 10p off a litre of fuel again.  There is however a stipulation that you need to spend £60 or more to get the voucher, so if you do a few little shops, it might be worth saving them for a single larger one to qualify.

The discount could save drivers £5 off £50 worth of fuel and may stimulate other supermarkets into offering similar deals soon.  The offer is available on shopping until 11th February and motorists have until 25th February to use the voucher that they receive.

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