Supermarkets are continuing their fuel price war, with the big three (Asda, Tesco and Sainsbury’s) all once again reducing their prices over the weekend. Unleaded was the target of the price reductions this time around, with all the chains taking two pence off a litre.

According to report in The Guardian, the supermarkets are now generally selling unleaded at less that 110 pence per litre – a fall of nearly 20% compared to this time last summer.

Price variations from forecourt to forecourt are perhaps more pronounced than ever right now. Alongside the competitive supermarket prices, we have seen some surprisingly competitive independent garages, and the usual “captive audience” forecourts on major roads keeping their prices stubbornly high. Over the weekend, a long-distance journey around the UK demonstrated just how varied prices are currently, with diesel cheaper than petrol in some locations and the opposite scenario true in others. There’s never been a better time to use our free tool to find the best value in your area.

Speculation is now really beginning to mount about the prospect of the price of fuel dropping to the 99 pence per litre value very briefly achieved at a few garages earlier in the year. A great many news sources are now discussing the idea of this, against a backdrop of falling oil prices.

The prices are lowering compared to the last two months, dropping around 2p a litre bringing welcome savings to customers nationwide. Compared to last summer, when the cost of petrol was 129.5, the price of 114 is a most welcome summer treat!

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