At, we don’t forget that we have plenty of members who live some or all of their motoring lives on two wheels instead of four. In recognition of that fact, for this feature we’ve compiled a list of five great products for motorcycles and their riders.

Bikers of all kinds, from fans of superbikes to vintage Vespa enthusiasts, all have products and brands they favour and are passionate about. The products on this list have been selected because they are well regarded and consistently reviewed in a positive light. If you’d like to report on your experiences with any of these items, or point out some others you think we should include in a future feature, please feel free to do so in the comments.

Without further ado, here are five great products for motorbikes:

1. A long lasting jacket

Alpinestars GP Pro Air Motorcycle Jacket


Alpinestars is an Italian company, established in 1963. Their GP Pro jackets have been on the market for many years. Many bikers have fallen in love with them, including this reporter from Motorcycle News who’s travelled 20,000 miles in his without so much as a “frayed seam.”

The jackets have evolved over the years with design and specification tweaks, but they remain dependable and affordable.

This particular “Air” version has been chosen with the upcoming spring in mind. It’s a lightweight version that’s hard-wearing but effectively ventilated so that wearing it won’t make anybody too hot and bothered.

The GO Pro Air offers a sensible level of protection in a lightweight package. There are a few different colour variations too.

NOTE: Multiple sizes are available – if you purchase be sure to choose the correct one.


  • Lightweight.
  • Well padded.
  • Well-regarded brand.


  • Best for spring, summer and autumn – not really cold days.


2. A quality helmet for all budgets

HJC CS 15 Motorbike Helmet

The sky truly is the limit when it comes to the cost of motorcycle helmets. Models crossing the £1000 mark are not at all unusual.

This helmet is at the opposite end of the scale, but was still listed among Motorcycle News’  best helmets for 2017.

It’s highly adjustable, with ventilation for head, chin and forehead. Cheek and head padding is removable for easy washing. It’s also possible to purchase an anti-fog insert for the visor.

Finally, it’s worth noting that there are various design variations to choose from. These include the appealing red, white and black version pictured, and more whimsical options in quirky colours. Various size options are available – so ensure you select the corrct one.


  • Well reviewed.
  • A perfect starter helmet.
  • Economical.


  • Lacking some of the more advanced features of more high-end helmets.


3. Record rides and protect insurance premiums

Nextbase RIDE Motorcycle BikeCam


Dashcams are extremely popular at the moment and for good reason. The ability to record journeys is both enjoyable and practical. Furthermore, in the event of an accident you can prove your innocence (assuming you are innocent) and protect yourself from both legal action and insurance premium increases.

This Nextbase model is specifically for motorbikes and can be both handlebar mounted or attached via industry-standard RAM mountings to front forks.

The feature list is a long one, and includes GPS tracking, Wi-Fi connectivity, and HD video recording. Like many dashcams, this uses all the space on the inserted memory card then deletes the oldest recordings in rotation, but motion sensors ensure that in the event of an accident, all related footage is retained.

It’s well worth checking out the videos on the Nextbase website to see examples of the footage this dashcam can create. As well as being useful in accident scenarios, it’s also a great device to capture memorable and scenic rides.


  • Packed with features.
  • Two fitting options.
  • Wi-Fi connectivity.


  • Some users complain of fuzzy number plate recognition.


4. A product to keep motorcycles clean

Muc-Off Motorcycle Care Essentials Kit

Specifically designed for motorbikes, this Muc-Off cleaning kit contains everything required to keep motorcycles and mopeds looking their best.

The kit comes with a carry bag and includes a cleaner and a protectant, as well as a “microcell” sponge and a sturdy nylon brush for wheels and components.

The kit is well priced and perfect for all motorcyclists to purchase and keep in the backbox at all times to keep a motorcycle’s bodywork looking fresh.

This also makes a great gift for motorbike riders – reviews suggest that several have been approving of the quality of the product.


  • Contains all the key essentials.
  • Convenient bag to keep everything together.


  • Nothing of note.


5. Something to catch the thieves

Oxford GPS Tracker

According to NCIS figures, reported on by Asgard, a staggering £3 Million worth of motorcycles are stolen in the UK every month. Even worse, fewer than one in five are ever recovered.

With this in mind, it makes sense for bikers to protect their investment, and a GPS tracker goes a long way to doing this. Essentially acting like a “Find my iPhone” for a motorbike, they use cellular GPS to find out exactly where a bike’s been taken.

There are rather a lot of poor products of this nature on the market. This one is recommended and well-reviewed. It also attaches magnetically to a suitably concealed spot, so there’s no need for complicated installation.


  • Easy to fit.
  • Great supporting software and security infrastructure.


  • Subscription fee required.


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