Helping you to find the cheapest fuel in your area has always been the point behind PetrolPrices, and we hope that over our ten years in operation you’ve saved some of your hard-earned cash. We’ve received a number of positive comments and testimonials over the years, which are always a pleasure to receive, but we want to do even more for you, the consumer.

As such, we don’t intend to stand still and rest on our laurels, so today we’re excited to reveal that PetrolPrices is changing; While our focus will remain on being your number one destination for locating the cheapest fuel, we are investing in significant site improvements to provide a comprehensive one-stop resource for smarter and more economical driving.

We intend to provide you with more useful information and statistics than ever before, something you’ll begin to notice over the coming months as we implement our changes.

PetrolPrices Values

As a business, PetrolPrices has always operated with our members interests firmly in mind. Now that we are undergoing a special transformation, we feel it’s important to remind you that this focus will not change. To reinforce that, we have created a set of values by which we will go forward and exist as a company, they are:

  • Independence
  • Clarity
  • Transparency
  • Integrity

Thanks to our ten-year heritage helping you and your fellow British motorists find the cheapest fuel prices, we are perfectly placed to build on this by creating tools that will enable smarter driving for all of our members.

When we say smarter driving, what we mean is that as well as finding the cheapest fuel, we will help you in many more ways, such as locating the best places to eat on your journey, advising you where the best/nearest toilet facilities are, suggesting ways to drive your car in the most fuel efficient way and helping you get the best motoring rewards.

The PetrolPrices Mobile App

Work is currently underway on creating a new, free to download PetrolPrices mobile app. Not only will this contain much more price information and updates, it will also include some very exciting new tools and services that you will be able to use use to enable smarter driving. As some members have pointed out, our existing app is showing its age, so you can be assured any existing issues will be addressed.

In order to provide you with a smarter driving experience, we will need to collect a little information about you as a motorist. This can be as simple as your car number plate or the area in which you live. This will enable us to provide free smarter driving services to our members.

We need YOUR Feedback!

We are also keen to draw on the collective intelligence of our members and ask YOU, via surveys, how we should lead the company, and get your feedback on the new products and services we look forward to providing you with in the near future.

If you’re a subscriber, you’ll find a survey in your inbox quite soon, along with the opportunity to win a rather exciting prize as a thank you for your participation. The survey will be announced here too.

In the meantime, if you have anything you would like to say about PetrolPrices, please use the comment section below, or feel free to send us a message via FaceBook or Twitter.

We have also set up a special email address specifically for feedback, comments, queries and ideas, which is as follows:

We will try our very best to respond to your email queries within 48 hours, and give the most detailed response possible.

We’re really sorry that we don’t currently provide a phone number for our business. If we did, the amount of time it would take to respond to your calls would mean we would not be able to develop the new PetrolPrices and make it as smart as possible for you, so please bear with us. For the same reasons, please do not send post; Although our address is listed on the website, we are a very small business and don’t have the capacity for postal response at present.

Looking to the Future

We’re very excited about this next chapter in the life of PetrolPrices and look forward to you joining us on the journey. The site has always been here for you, the consumer, so please do share your feedback so we can adapt our future offering around exactly what would help you the most as a motorist.

Best Wishes,

Jason David Lloyd – Managing Director, PetrolPrices.COM Ltd

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