British roads are some of the busiest in Europe and we are sure that many of our members have seen some strange things happen whilst driving.

Well, this is your chance to share those experiences with the rest of our members and don’t hold back. It is worth highlighting though that we will be moderating the comments just to make sure they’re not too strange!

Here are some of the strange experiences from the PetrolPrices team:

“Whilst driving up the M6 near Coventry saw a coach in the opposite carriageway completely on fire, the smoke was so great that you could not drive past so drivers had to stop in their lanes whilst waiting for the smoke to clear. It was like a scene from a war film and very scary and strange to watch a coach completely on fire”

Story from Jason, Managing Director

“In my local town centre, an elderly driver got confused with the sat-nav and they took a bit of a wrong turn… down a flight of concrete steps. The car was completely ruined and the chap was rather stressed by the whole ordeal. Since then, the council have put bollards in front of the steps to make sure something like this doesn’t happen again.”

Story by Nick in Marketing

“Probably the strangest thing I’ve seen would have to be a car rolling onto a roof in a road tightly packed with cars on either side. Simply had clipped one that was parked and rebounded off of another few before finally tipping up and rolling over. The driver was quite shocked but at the same time quite puzzled about her own effort.”

Story by Josh in Technical

Add yours in the comment section below and let’s celebrate the unique and strange nature of the British road network and what happens upon it.

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