In this article, we run through the best car wax options currently available in the UK. These can all help you keep your car in a spotless, showroom condition.

Let’s be honest: Waxing the car can feel like quite a chore sometimes. This is definitely the case for those people for whom a car is just a car, and not their pride and joy! However, it’s a worthwhile task to keep a vehicle’s bodywork in tip-top condition. Furthermore, choosing the best car wax and taking the time to give your car some TLC can actually keep the car looking cleaner for longer.

In compiling this list of the best car wax, we’ve taken into account the fact that some people have neither the time nor inclination to spend much of their life buffing their car to a shine. With this in mind, you’ll see some of the options are relatively low effort compared to traditional car wax.

1. Best Car Wax: The “All-Rounder”

Auto Glym Aqua Wax Kit

If you want a quick and easy, all-in-one best car wax, you can’t go far wrong with this Auto Glym kit.

It comes complete with two microfibre cloths, and the wax can be used on a dry vehicle or while the car is still wet – straight after washing.

Unusually, this wax is designed to work on “all exterior surfaces.” This is quite rare, as plenty of waxes are best avoided around windows and plastic panels.

We’re not alone in assessing this as the best car wax out there – Auto Express also gave the product a “best buy” award.



  • Works on dry and wet vehicles.
  • Lots of good user reviews.
  • Works on all surfaces.


  • May not last as long as a more traditional wax.

2. A More Traditional Car Wax

Carnauba Ultra Gloss Wax

This wax is more of a traditional option for those who want to make a bit of an effort!

This effort will pay off, however, as rain will just run off your car after application, keeping your vehicle shiny for weeks on end.

It’s worth emphasising that this is a traditional wax, intended for applying when your bodywork is dry.


  • Lasts for ages.
  • Provides lots of paintwork protection.


  • Not the easiest wax to apply.
  • Not ideal for use on windows.

3. Best Car Wax: An All-in-One Solution

Showroom Shine Waterless Wash & Wax Car Cleaner

This is something a little different; It’s a complete car cleaning solution, including wax, that doesn’t require any water. This is ideal if you want to clean your car when you’re away from home, or anywhere without a convenient water source.

The idea is that you use the “waterless wash” first, and then buff the car up with the separate wax.

The product claims to work “without streaks, smears, scratches or water spots.” Almost all the online reviewers agree this is a valid claim, and rave about the product.


  • A complete solution.
  • Allows you to clean your car without water!
  • Saves a lot of time.


  • A few reviewers not convinced by the quality of the finish.
  • Not particularly economical.

4. The Household Name in Car Wax!

Turtle Wax Green Line Original Paste

Arguably the best-known household name in car wax. This “hard shell shine” Turtle Wax is found in thousands of UK garages, and really does the job.

Some effort is required, however to get the best out of it. This wax is really only at its best when the car is really thoroughly cleaned prior to application.


  • An unrivalled finish.
  • A trusted household name.
  • Protects your car from the elements.


  • Not the easiest wax to apply.
  • No applicator provided.

5. The Easiest Option

Turtle Wax Wet It Wax

This wax could fairly be described as a “lazy option!” However, nobody would be any the wiser. It still creates a great finish.

The clue to how this works is in the name; You apply this wax while the car is wet, making for a far quicker car wash routine.

This product doesn’t even need an awful lot of buffing after use, so it really is a quick solution. Unsurprisingly, however, it’s unlikely to last quite as long as “the real thing.”

Still, this is well worth a go if you’re pushed for time, and almost all reviews are very positive.



  • Very little effort involved.
  • Produces a good finish.


  • Rumours the product may be being discontinued – grab it now!
  • Doesn’t protect against the elements as well as traditional wax.
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