If you’re heading off on a road trip any time soon and want to grab a bargain when it comes to filling up your tank, then look no further as the team here at PetrolPrices has compiled a list of the cheapest places to buy fuel in the UK.

Fuel prices can vary massively across the country; varying by up to 30ppl between the cheapest station and the most expensive motorway station, so checking for the cheapest or best value station near you, en route or at your destination can save you money.

Ryde and Shildon

Looking at prices over the last month, we have been able to determine the local average for town and cities right across the country, identifying the cheapest places in the UK to fill up. Shildon in County Durham came out on top for diesel and Ryde in the Isle of Wight topped the list of the cheapest places to buy unleaded. Locations in Greater Manchester, Lancashire, country Antrim and Yorkshire also feature frequently in the lists which feature below:

Diesel prices

Price (Pounds) Town County
1.279 Shildon County Durham
1.28 Hawes North Yorkshire
1.281 Annan Dumfries & Galloway
1.284 Broadstairs Kent
1.285 Epping Essex
1.285 Catterick Garrison North Yorkshire
1.286 Cardigan Ceredigion
1.286 Ramsgate Kent
1.287 Atherstone Warwickshire
1.289 Crymych Pembrokeshire

Unleaded prices

Price (Pounds) Town County
1.193 Ryde Isle Of Wight
1.206 Leyland Lancashire
1.206 Halesworth Suffolk
1.207 Leigh Greater Manchester
1.211 Loanhead Midlothian
1.211 Haslingden Lancashire
1.212 Penicuik Midlothian
1.212 Cwmbran Torfaen
1.216 Renfrew Renfrewshire
1.216 Broadford Highland

Why do fuel prices vary?

Across the country, there are many things that affect fuel prices. Aside from the base wholesale price, regional variations all affect fuel prices. From overhead costs of a station to demand and how quickly the station gets through a tank.

For example, a station that has high thoroughfare will be able to react to price drops and raises quicker as they bought it more recently. This can play against them sometimes as the prices will rise more steeply at stations like this, unlike a smaller forecourt.

A more remote station will also be more likely to have higher prices, especially when it is far away from a refinery or pipeline outlet, simply due to transportation costs.

Crude oil prices have a huge effect on the price we pay at the pump, and so any global disruption, such as Trump’s sanctions on Iran play a huge part in the price we pay at the pump.

What are fuel prices near you like? Do you find the prices vary much in your area? Let us know below

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