For some time now, we’ve been debating whether petrol would drop below the one pound per litre mark. For some time, The RAC have seem convinced it would happen, while The AA have remained less sure.

Well now, as we predicted at the end of last week, the optimists were right. Unleaded petrol has finally dropped below one pound at at least one garage, and this “sub-one-pound” petrol had caused a flood of news stories.

The Mirror, amongst other news outlets, have reported on an independent petrol station in Walsall (Birmingham) offering unleaded for 99.7 pence per litre, resulting in the local supermarkets quickly dropping their prices to around 103 pence per litre in an attempt to compete.

It’s now reasonable to expect that other garages will follow suit, and that 99p petrol will become more widespread as the week progresses.

Interestingly, The RAC and The AA are still very much at odds on what this means for the future. Having been proved right about the price drop, The RAC are now bullish, and quoted as saying that £1 per litre petrol will soon be a “common sight” across the country. The AA, in something of a face-saving move, have dismissed the cheap petrol as a “publicity stunt” according to to the Express and Star, maintaining that the reductions “may not last.”

We will obviously follow developments very closely, and like UK motorists will hope the the optimistic RAC are correct in this case!


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