Drivers of diesel cars in the UK finally have a reason to be cheerful, with diesel now commonly cheaper than unleaded. The cost of the fuel has come down a huge amount in recent months, and we can only hope that a falling oil price will lead to further price reductions.

There’s now a new worry on the horizon, however, according to a report in The Telegraph. It states that the UK may soon see a “diesel drought” due to a lack of British refineries for the fuel. This, coupled with the increasing popularity of diesel vehicles, means that the nation is having to import more diesel, with the quantity expected to rise. Currently, around 50% of newly purchased vehicles are diesels.

So what does this really mean? Are we going to see queues for diesel at petrol stations, or have diesel fuel rationed? No. That’s extremely unlikely. However, the increasing reliance on imports could provide an unwanted reason for the rise in price, despite oil costs staying low.

The best case scenario would be if some of the UK’s refineries were to switch to producing diesel to reflect the increased demand. However, the report highlights that this is a very expensive endeavour.


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