Last week, we talked about a garage in Walsall that had been widely reported as the first in the country to drop the price of unleaded fuel below the one Pound mark, specifically to 99.7 pence per litre.

As we predicted at the time, petrol for under a Pound has begun to spread – and there’s some jealousy starting to arise amongst the regions!

A report in The Bristol Post refers to a garage now selling petrol for 99.7 pence per litre in Swindon, and three matching the price in the Birmingham area  (presumably including the service station in Walsall). The newspaper complains that Swindon drivers are getting the cheap fuel when those in nearby Bristol are not.

However, it seems that the jealousy may soon pass. A spokesman for The RAC is quoted as saying that “we are surely only weeks away from the milestone price of £1 a litre being a common sight.”

This corresponds with the view The RAC have had for some time and a view that’s rather more optimistic than that of The AA. Drivers across the country more than likely hope that it’s The RAC who are correct.

Meanwhile, you can find the cheapest pumps across the country by using our free tool.

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