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Members rely on our service to save money on fuel.

Drives to Work

15 million people drive to work each day and for many PetrolPrices has become a trusted tool that ensures they always know where the best places are to refuel.

Our powerful range of tools in Plus are an ideal way to help them save money on fuel as a commuter, which makes their salary go even further.

Recommended features:

  • ✓ Ad-free experience
  • ✓ Advanced filtering & increased searches
  • ✓ Exclusive Plus Rewards
Recommended Plan: Plus

What members who drive to work think of Plus

Drives on a budget

Almost 1 million members use our service for personal use each and every month and the main way they do this is via the price alert emails. For the majority of personal users the free, Basic version is ideal for their needs, however some will see the added benefits that Plus can deliver in terms of additional savings gained as a motorist

Recommended features:

  • ✓ Price alert email
  • ✓ Money-saving news and guides
  • ✓ Car Insurance Service
Recommended Plan: Basic

What members who drive on a budget think of Basic

Drives for a living

Over many years, PetrolPrices has earned a word of mouth reputation amongst those who drive for a living across the UK. Plus is a product that is ideal for this group and is a powerful tool that will enable drivers to see cheaper prices on routes with advanced filtering and search options

Recommended features:

  • ✓ Fuel Finder App
  • ✓ Route Planner
  • ✓ Advanced filtering and increased searches
Recommended Plan: Plus

What members who drive for a living think of Plus

Operates a fleet

Many companies use a combination of telematics software and fuel cards to control fuel costs, which can be one of their biggest overheads.

Business compliments telematics and fuel cards in that the fuel price information can be used by drivers in fleets to locate the cheapest fuel card accepted locations to maximise the saving for their business

Recommended features:

  • ✓ Very low costs per user or search
  • ✓ Locate cheapest fuel card accepted locations
  • ✓ Fuel Route Planner
Recommended Plan: Business

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Fuel data for commercial use

Some companies are heavy users of the service, in some cases searching thousands of times a month. Companies use the data to support their commercial efforts, such as using the information to help them sell their own products and services.

A custom version of Business is the offering we use to provide companies with a commercial application of the data thatsuits their needs specifically

Recommended features:

  • ✓ No limits to searches or users
  • ✓ Customise and configured to suit each business
  • ✓ Dedicated account manager and business support
Recommended Plan: Business (Custom)

What members who use the data commercially think of Business

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