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Self driving cars a step nearer to reality with latest tests

In recent years the development of autonomous vehicles has scared many people, the thought of a car that drives itself around with no human contact instils fear. According to the government, the autonomous car industry is worth £900bn worldwide, but the legalities and...

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Blue badge theft on the rise

Blue badges are a lifeline for disabled drivers and passengers, allowing them the ease of parking and helping them to feel settled in society. However, because these badges enable people to park for free in pay and display bays in certain areas, plus for up to 3 hours...

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Are we going to see fewer new drivers than ever?

New changes to the driving test are being rolled out across test centres all over the UK. These measures are seen to make the test more up to date with common driving habits, such as being able to operate a satellite navigation and driving with one. The Government are...

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Motorists may not to be able to afford driving in 2018

Every week there seems to be a news story about how prices are rising for motorists, whether this is fuel, fees, tax or insurance, and this has now reached the point where many drivers may not be able to afford to drive at all this year. A survey by...

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Speeding continues to be hard to detect and enforce

As a motorist it is important to be aware of the speed limit at all times to ensure that you are driving safely and that you are not breaking the law, but there have been a couple of speeding-related stories in the news recently which may change how likely it is that...

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Only 2% of animals killed are reported – Do you know the law?

Over the last two years almost 4000 animals were hit and killed by vehicles on major routes in Britain, and although this may seem like a large number, these are just the reported ones. Te estimated numbers are nearer 165,000 a staggering figure. In fact, 39% of...

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More lay-bys added to smart motorways following Government review

Growing concerns around the safety of smart motorways have led to Highways England agreeing to install extra emergency lay-bys on this new type of road to give drivers more opportunities to stop if they break down or are involved in an accident. The purpose of smart...

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Hotspots where most speeding tickets are issued is revealed

West Yorkshire police issued more than double the amount of speeding tickets compared to any other police force in the UK, according to freedom of information data supplied by 19 different police forces to car leasing firm, UK Carline. In total 142,610 speeding...

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Black surpasses white again as favourite car colour after 4 years

For many years, white has been the most popular colour choice for cars but a new study of sales, over the last year, shows a change – favouring black, over white. For the first time in four years, white has been knocked off the top of the list and replaced with its...

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New car sales shrank for the first time in 6 years in 2017

Data from the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders has shown that, for the first time since 2011, new car sales are down with a 5.7% drop compared to 2016 and the Government’s negativity about diesel cars is being blamed for this. The stats to prove it This...

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Hospital parking earns record £175m in fees despite crackdown

Despite a crackdown by the government, hospitals made a massive £175m in parking charges in 2017, a new record for a twelve-month period. They also made nearly another £1 million from parking fines, an increase of 30% on the previous figure, though some sources...

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